Rossendale Stud 

Home to many Double Supreme Champions
 Award winning French Lops 
  Est. 2003

       Tor View Lops               

Who we are

Arnold & Anne Crompton

We live in the Village of Helmshore in the beautiful Rossendale Valley BB4 4EF

We prefer our Rabbits to be collected in person. 

We do not allow Couriers.

Arnold & Anne would like to wish all our friends old & new.
A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

                                          Page updated 7th December 2021

Latest News. 

We have had a litter of 3 lovely French Lops Born July 2021. An Agouti  Buck. An Agouti Butterfly Buck, & An Agouti Butterfly Doe. All have rings on so hoping to have them round  & about at shows very soon.

We have decided to carry on Breeding  for another few years although we intend to keep our no's small.

In the event of any babies being offered for sale they will be dvertised on here when ready to leave get 10 /12 Weeks

Spring 2020

No one could have ever predicted what would happen has 2020 started to unfold. We took the decision not to breed any of our Rabbits. Our last liter was born early March. 
Has things have continued through out the last few months.we have slowly decreased our numbers. There have been quite a few virtual shows held by various clubs.

Autumn 2020

The National French & Dwarf Lop Club. held a virtual show in conjunction with The London Champs. We entered 2 Rabbits , Bonito Ag B/F & Basil. Ag. They both did well Bonito was Best French Lop. 3rd Best in Show beaten by 2 lovely Dwarf Lops. Basil was 2nd out of 7 in his class.

       Rossendales Bonito

       Rossendale's Basil

              Sorry we have no Rabbits for sale at the moment

We are members of the Brc

'British Rabbit Council'

We Exhibit in our Stud name

Rossendale Stud

We Exhibit our French Lops  to the highest of Standard

Both Local & Nationally


 Rossendale's Bonito

             Best French Lop

      3rd overall Best in Show

  NFDLC Virtual  Stock Show

      Held in conjunction with 

   The London Champs Show 


Rossendale's Basil

Agouti CC winner

Runner up Best of Breed 

Bradford 5* Show

Jan 18th/ 19th 2020


Supreme Champion Domino

             Best in Show



 November 17th Nov 2019

           Worcester RC


Very pleased with this boy

 he is such a gentle Giant

that loves to show himself 

                          Rossendale's Supreme Champion Domino 

                Best of Breed London Champs October 2019

Rossendale's Burdock

Steel B/F Buck

Best U/5 French Lop 

London Champs 2019

     Rossendale's Tarragon

               Steel Buck

     Runner up Best of Breed

Bradford 5* Premier show



Also Runner up Best Lop in 

  The International Stakes.

                                   Emley Show 4th August 2018 

             Rossendale's Icarus Yorkshire Lop Ad support stock show

                                                            Best in Show

                                     Emley Show Icarus Bob, Best Adult 

                                                 Runner up Best in Show

                    Rossendale's Freddie Yorkshire Lop u/5 stock show

                                                  Runner up Best in Show

           Emley Show Rossendale's Rita Best Fur, Runner up Best Adult

                                                            3rd Best in Show

                                 Honley Agricultural Show 9th June 2018

                                                         Rossendale's Rita

                                                                  Best Fur

We are pleased to welcome back at Rossendale Stud. One of the oldest Breeds of Rabbits The Chinchilla. We did have some a few years ago unfortunately things didn't quite go to plan & we had to let them go.

Our love for them was re kindled Summer 2017. At Keighly Show . We saw 2 beautiful young Boys, We sought out the owner Jack Holdsworth. On chatting to him he said he was happy to let us have one of them at the end of the year.

True to his word Young Jack arrived just before Christmas 2017. Another true gent Paul Morris sought out a Doe for us all the way from Cornwall & here we are with our lovely Rita. Her 1st show Best in the Fur section.

                              Best Lop

Runner up Best in Show Feb. 2018

                          Runner up

 Best of Breed Bradford Jan 2018

                               Rossendales Merlo

                     Best of Breed London 2016 Runner up Best Lop

                         Best French Lop NFDLC AA Stock Show

                             Best of Breed London Champs 2015

Merlo did us proud at the London Champs managing to go Best of Breed for the second year running. Also Best French Lop in the 1st NFDLC AA SS to be held at London.

                              Rossendales Arnott

                                 Best Lop, Runner up Best in show

                Keighley Agricultural Show 3rd September 2016

                  Best  French Lop, 3rd Best in Show U/5 NFDLC

                              West Midlands August 28th 2016

                                   Rossendales Casper  

                                      Best Lop Runner up Best in Show

                              Bingley Agricultural Show 23rd July 2016

                                                Rossendale's Titan

                                                                    Best in Show  

   Northern Lop Club ASS Bingley Agricultural Show  23rd July 2016

                                 Rossendale's Panamara

              Best in Show  NFDLC ASS West Midlands 25th August 2016

Best of Breed NFDLC AA Stock Show

                        13th March 2016

                        Best in Show

      Best of Breed Yorkshire Lop AA

    Spring Stock Show 28th February

We Breed for type & temperament as close to BRC standard as possible.

Our main breed here at Tor View are the French Lops. Which are the largest member of the Lop Family average weight 14/15 Lbs.

We Specialise in Agoutis, Opals, Steels, in both solid, & Butterfly.

Rews to very high standard

We are also working on  Blue Self's

We may have other colours available from time to time.

Supreme Champion Rapier

Photos courtesy of Phil Batey

                               Our 1st French Lops for 2016

We did have Mini Lops for a good few years but decided to let them  go in 2017

Below is a Blue Eyed Mini Lop That did us proud

Rossendales Dexter

Our 1st born Mini Lops 2016

Supreme Champion  Armstrong

                  Best of Breed 

                      Best Lop  

      Burgess Premier 5* Show 


                  January 2015  

Supreme Champion Armstrong

             Best in Show    

        East Lancs 2* Show  

            February 2015 

Photo courtesy of Leah Peck

    Rossendales Massey 

NFDLC Runner up Best Adult

   Southern Champs 4* Show  

             Best of Breed  

       Runner up Best Lop

     Sportsmans Challenge 

             Best In Show   

              May 2015

Double Supreme Champion

  Rossendales Troy

            Best of Breed

                Best Lop

            Best in Show 

Honley Agricultural 2* Show

          13th June 2015 

Rossendales Troy

Best of Breed

   Best Lop

Best in Show


Todmorden  Agricultural

 2* Show

20th June 2015



          Rossendales Troy

             Best of Breed


                 Best Lop

             Best in Show 

          Cheshire County 

      Agricultural  2* Show

            24th June 2015

Double Supreme Champion Rossendales Troy

After an amazing summer on the show circuit Our beautiful Steel Buck Troy has earned himself enough COMS to qualify him to be a Double Supreme Champion awarded by The National French & Dwarf Lop Club 

A new achievement here at Tor View Lops.

Best Lop, Reserve Supreme Champion, Great Yorkshire Show July 14th 2015

Great Eccleston 2* Agricultural Show 18th  July Best in Show

Penrith 3* Agricultural Show 25th July  Reserve Champion

Emley Agricultural Show 1st Aug Troy Reserve Best in Show Plutonium Young Steel Buck Best U/5 3rd Best in Show Any Age.

Yorkshire Lop Summer Stock Show held at Emely Ag Show 

ASS Troy Best in show Plutonium YSS Reserve Best in Show

Halifax Agricultural Show 8th August

2* show Best in Show 1* show Best  in Show

Carlisle Summer Barbeque 2* Show 9th Aug Best in show.

West Midlands Champs Show  Aug 30th (Coventry)

NFDLC ASS Troy Best French Lop

NFDLC YSS Manatoba Best French Lop

Troy went Best French Lop in all the Adult Shows

Manatoba went Best French Lop in all the U/5 Shows.

Isabelle our youngest Grand Daughter

On a recent visit July 2015 Isabelle enjoyed playing with the babies, & also playing with Armstrong

Babies Bred 2014

Babies Bred 2011






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